Life’s Unanswerable Questions

Most of the time as I go through everyday life, things make sense. There's a routine to it, a predictability that you become accustomed to. Everything follows a set kind of logic and there aren't really any major surprises along the way. But then one thing happens and it all tends to snowball into an … [Read More...]


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Giving Me a Happy

New Blog I know. It makes no sense for the time poor to make another website. Logic not my strong suit, obviously. Women Who Run is a photo blog. I love the simplicity of a photo blog. In the long term, I see it … [Read More...]


Woman in a box

Too much. Too little. Too fat. Too skinny. Too muscular. Too loud. Too quiet. Too happy. Too sad. Too driven. Too placid. Too bright. Too smart. Not smart enough. Too sexy. Not sexy enough. Too mumsy. Not maternal. … [Read More...]

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Sometimes I don't really have anything to say, I just want to share a photo. Sometimes people call this her cranky face, but it's actually not. It's her serious face. Or her concentrating face. Occasionally she … [Read More...]


The Forgiving Lime Tree

I try to grow things. But really, it's only the things that I can ignore that have any longevity. The things that grow in spite of me, while I ignore them, mostly. I've resuscitated this lime tree from the brink of … [Read More...]


Two Roll Challenge

I've been so inspired by Rachel from Sesame Ellis. In so many ways. To ditch the watermarks. To take less photos, but photos I am more proud of. And to focus on the core storytelling in the photos. So I took up her … [Read More...]

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No, I’m Piper

  Taken two years ago. The most vivid memory I have from that time was being alone in the house one day with her and rocking her to sleep in front of the Christmas tree. Now she's a great big gangly, … [Read More...]

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