1. Thank you for sharing this Zoey. I’m sorry to hear about those dark times, especially the anxiety. You’re amazing coach Zoey.

  2. Zoey your words are beautiful! I know this year has been enormous for you, although i see we never really know what is going on in peoples lives. What i do know is that you have been a major part in me moving forward through my own unimaginable grief. You have been a part of me starting to live the life that is mine. Thankyou! And remember, you dont have to do any of this alone!

  3. I’m glad you’re not a normal person Zoey because you’re amazing as you are. Crying is good, useful, such a release. Congratulations on getting your qualification. If you find that the coach hat fits, you’ll do well. You’re so good at it! Xo

  4. I can relate – there was some merde in the 2014 water at times, but getting through them can feel like conquering mountains. I hope 2015 allows fresh air and sunshine.

  5. From where I sit, you’ve had nothing short of a remarkable year. You’ve achieved things that most people only dream of. Kudos to you & here’s to a fabulous 2015!

  6. Beautiful piece, Zoey, even though it’s sad to know that you’ve experienced so much pain. And you are a great coach. So I think it will turn out that you’re living a little bit of Harry Potter in real life: the hat has chosen you.

  7. Normal is for other people. Not for us.

    We are made of stars. It hurts to shine but we do because together it is what we were made to do.