1. I am getting a tattoo and I am not a fraud. Whether you run 42.2 or 10 or none you aren’t either. Sunday is about hundreds of kilometres of training, not the ground you cover on the day.

    You aren’t running without me either. You will be carrying my bruised and broken heart because it is too heavy for me right now, and you will do that because you have held me together for so long now and while I am broken you will carry the pieces until I am able to put them back together where they should be.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear you are sad. I am very sorry to hear you are tired and fuzzy. Just remember, that you are amazing, and that no matter how you do it, or get it done, you’re inspiring others every day, every minute, because you’re You! Thank you for doing what you do. I am sending you shiny, coffee infused runner vibes for Sunday. It’s not whether you run alone, or with someone else, it’s knowing you’ve made a difference to those who are going out there and doing it on the day. May your run find its meaning on the day *insert smiley face*

  3. Katie Lintner says:

    All the tears.

    So looking forward to meeting you and the tattoo sesh.

    There are loads of reasons, not the least of which is carrying Kate’s heart. Huge props to you for doing the distance when it would be so easy to pull out and do less. Xoxoxo

    • Zoey Martin says:

      Will be great to meet you too Katie! Doing my own thing with Kate and Emily for the tattoo session because it’s the only chance we have on the weekend to have a proper business meeting!

  4. Maybe just see it as another training run, but with lots of people joining you and lots of people on the sidelines telling you how awesome you are?

    It’s been a tough week. I reckon the weekend is going to improve it considerably.

  5. You could never be a fraud. You inspire so many people every day to get outside when they really don’t feel like it… all from the other side of a computer screen. That’s amazing in itself.
    I sometimes wonder if you ever need the same encouragement, because every time I look at Strava, you’re there crossfitting (new word!) or running a distance that I think is impossible considering the day before you’d run an even longer way. No one could ever utter the word fraud in connection with you, least of all you!
    As a side note, I’m coming up to my tattooaversary and wanted to get another this year but couldn’t find one I liked. I LOVE all the ones you posted. Can you be my new tattoo-researcher?

  6. Oh you two! So many tears xo

  7. There is no way that you are a fraud – you are an amazing woman who has had a hiccup in her journey – that doesn’t make you a fraud – it makes you human.
    Whatever happens on Sunday – I wish you the very best race that you can have on the day.
    Sending heaps of hugs and positive energy your way !
    Me xox

  8. Fraud, my arse, woman. You are mighty, but you’re also human and allowed to feel sad, unsure and achy and tired. But not a fraud, you’ve put too many hours in to rob yourself of the joy of race day by using that word xxx

  9. CARLA huby says:

    Hugs to you, Zoey. Think about what you would say to Kate if the situation were reversed. I am sure you would manage to get her heart back in it.

  10. Hoping your ‘bleugh’ turns to a roar by Sunday. Of course it’s going to be different with Kate not running beside you, but like so many things, sometimes you just have to get out there on your own and just GO!

    Will be cheering you on from afar Zoey, you got this :)

    MC xo